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Google Launches Gmail Go for Android

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Google has launched a lightweight app for its mail client, Gmail Go, for the low-end smartphones.The app is the newest addition in American giant’s line of “Go” apps that are primarily developed for emerging markets.

Like other Go-branded apps, Gmail go takes upless space on the phones, letting the users have a more comfortable experience then the regular version.

While the Gmail app occupies 47 MB storage space on a device, Gmail Go takes up 25 MB.

There is no major difference between Gmail and Gmail go in terms of features. Just like the regular version, you can add multiple accounts, receive new mail notifications and read and compose mails both online and offline and attach files.

While the Gmail app occupies 47 MB storage space on a device, Gmail Go takes up 25 MB.


However, thecompany has omitted several non-essential features from the app, such as disabling theautomatically loading of images to trim down the data usage and RAM. The users, however, can manually load the media files.
go for androidGoogle is yet to make a formal announcement about Gmail Go’s launch but the app is available on Play Store from the last couple of weeks. The app comes up with 15GB of free storage.
IT magazine has learnt that the reason why the company didn’t officially announce the app is that it won’t be available for all Android users.

Instead, the users who have Gmail Go pre-installed on their devices will be able to update it from Play Store.
This means, for the time being,only the users having Android Oreo Go version on their devices can use this app.
go for android 2Gmail go is the latest addition in the list of Go series apps, which includes Google Go, Files Go, YouTube Go, Assistant Go, Google Maps Go, Gbrand and Chrome Go.
The Go series is a part of Google’s move to increase the availability of its products in the countries like India and Indonesia where majority of the users have less capable phones and don’t have access to fast internet speeds.
In December last year, Google had launched the Android Oreo Go edition for entry-level smartphones with 512 MB to 1GB of RAM.
There are three main components of the lite version of the OS: the Google apps, the kernel and Play Store.


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